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When the pursuit of retro and stacked forms has become a trend, how to pursue the symbol of the golden age and create a living space that not only conforms to the contemporary aesthetic but also has cultural value? This is indeed a question worth pondering.


In the space design, WJID creates the Oriental aesthetics from the ancient rhyme, and interprets the verve and charm of the Tang Dynasty culture with modern techniques, creating a dramatic space experience in Huzhou, a city with abundant human resources.

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Huzhou because of water, water and Sheng. The lamp in the living room is shaped like the water of Taihu Lake. The disks are like ripples in the water, reflecting on the ceiling. Shinning shadows disappear the distance between man and nature. The light source is cleverly designed like water droplets, and the array is arranged to hang on the top, making the space more like a pound of water.


The living room serves as the hub of the return shape moving line of the space, perforating many functional areas, forming a kind of flowing aesthetic feeling. With water ink color as the key, local ornament elegant bronze gold, in the harmonic light of the low exposed daily warmth.


Decorative painting is like the neon clothes in the mural, the sleeves stretch and come oncoming, forming the layout and guidance of the space. The chandelier breaks the dull rigidity of the rectangular space, and integrates the image of spray dancing into the interior construction. The movement changes and twists and turns in the interior, highlighting the artistic and dramatic nature of the space.


Open restaurant use marble as the basis of space collocation, in black and white colors to find a delicate sense of level, like the life of trivial, flickering good collected into a huge container, only to be taken out a few days, fine aftertaste.


The second floor area is the private space for each family member, which needs utensils with temperature to interpret the space with a sense of life experience. Be like the geometric cane chair that puts inadvertently, tie-in adornment feels extremely strong artistic wallpaper, added a clever wild interest for the space.


The master bedroom uses low-saturated lotus root powder and jujube to create a high-level sense, highlighting the exquisite and elegant home taste. The landscape painting that hangs on the wall is lifted slightly, as if by the wind blew one corner of the paper, add a witty brush for the space.


With its unique healing power, gray color matching delivers the power of settling peoples hearts. In front of the jungle background board, two lamps hung down, emitting a warm light, as if in the woods shining the way home.


From the subject to the details, the relevance of similar elements becomes the key to connect the space aura. These details are carefully injected into the temperature, into the aesthetic way, so in the day after day change, can still find the flavor of life, get pure as before moved.


The bedroom is given priority to with warm moss green tone, using wooden structure herringbone top to pull up the vertical height, creating a sense of vertical sequence. And in area of the head of a bed, stylist blends in arch ingeniously, abstract ornament matches the elegance of walnut, play turn avant-garde and restore ancient ways.


The warm light source promotes the warmth of the wood structure, which falls on the art installation and conveys the ambiguous juxtaposition of Oriental aesthetics, inviting people to step into the dark place and have a look.


Study, it is a place that people returns to office environment again after finishing a day of work. Accordingly, it is the extension of the office since, it is the one part of domestic life. The duality of the study makes its be in a kind of unique position in domestic environment. The painting of brunet department, have the artistic atmosphere of contemporary feeling extremely, the traditional study tea rest area built a different spirit style.


The study tea break area is located in the underground mezzanine, and the ink stained carpet plays the role of dividing the functional areas, turning the basement into a gorgeous and dreamy storage and exhibition space. The design technique of embedded block with concealed light belt draws the focus of the eye to each piece of the owners collection.


Zen tea room and wine tasting area coexist harmoniously in the whole space. Glimmer light through the light art installation, life becomes tender and colorful because of the design.


The reception room on the second floor of the ground corresponds to the arbitrary life of people in the Tang Dynasty. The designer made it into an empty space with bold and bold moves, allowing double light to enter the room, and constructing a refreshing, open and clear pattern structure.


The hanging chandelier in the center mimics the shape and structure of a Chinese lantern and is decorated with streamers and colorful crystals, aiming to find a balance point between Chinese and Western aesthetics.


Not too much flashy, gorgeous colors, the overall space in the wood color and natural stone outline, in the balance between the tolerance and arbitrary, sending out a unique charm, take care of peoples inner comfort and peace. This is the most essential style of the Tang style.


△ 一层平面图/Plan of the first floor

△ 二层平面图/Two-story plan

△ 地下夹层平面图/Plan of the subterranean interlayer

△ 地下一层平面图/Plan of ground floor



Project Name: Xiangxin Datang Model Room

Location: Huzhou, China

Project area: 408㎡

Party A: Xiangxin Real Estate


Hard design: WJID dimension design


Soft installation design: WJID dimension design


Completion date: November 2020

Project photography: Van Mirror Studio

Project video: Peanut Studio

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