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To find beauty in change,

Pay more attention to the space atmosphere than [form],

Design is not about dominating nature,

Its symbiosis with nature,

To trace to the source is to participate.


Chongqing, a smart city, is not only beautiful in the magical natural scenery, rich characteristics of products. It is also full of elegance: elegance in the heavy cultural charm and beautiful urban and rural landscape.


Located in the north of the mountain city and adjacent to the east bank of jialing River, Yuejiang City at the foot of Wanhua, the designer will feel the surrounding landscape poetry, understand and analyze the symbiont, and inject contemporary art into the space, so as to pay tribute to the beauty of nature.


With wood as the starting point, the tranquility of the space reorganizes and deconstructs the natural elements through the textured glass partition, and the artistic lines play freely in the space, increasing the space experience with vision as the moving line.


Relying on the landscape, the indoor environment breaks the traditional natural form, embraces the essence of all things in the tacit atmosphere of pure color, constructs a complete set of space philosophy, and experiences the spiritual communication between people and things in thinking.


Transparent balcony, one eye and look, green. The landscape of nature makes life vibrate, and we stare at the ethereal breath that comes upon us, extending our longing and awe for nature with the interplay of light and shadow.


The marble of natural texture is combined with the warm and moist wood, and the cool mountain and stone are incorporated into the natural amorous feelings. Such a pure material collision enables the space to achieve a sense of harmonious balance.


We try to use new design dimensions to express the inherent living concept. Different from the natural style in the eyes of the public, heaven, earth and landscape dissolve the ego in the innovation of artistic techniques, but we feel the blooming of life in the application of details and lines.


The broad field of vision forms a strong echo with the outdoor scene, extending the spatial perception infinitely.


Extremely white space is adorned with pure black, having strong visual impact. The opposite of colour lets a space maintain the individual character of independence, the moving line that penetrates transverse does not appear however abrupt.


Follow the path of natural light movement, the vision stands on the space scale of guest bedroom, borrow scene light and shadow with the pane, through the gap, mapping out the state of indoor life leisure, the aesthetic interaction between the series of inside and outside.


The surprise of children room is not only monomer now colour ratio goes up, the modelling of the pattern of gout, ponder, they will fairy tale gift theme, the artistic expression that interesting space soul lets colour and capable person pledge presents perfectly.


When the form is integrated and innovated, it tends to form a school of its own, while the internal composition places the color and shape in the environment through the addition of soft outfit, and achieves reconciliation with the space from the perspective of art. The self-consistency of space often has the rational thinking of design. It itself has contradictory relativity, massiness and elegance, rhythm and self-discipline. Through the manipulation of the cultural carrier, it completes the shaping of the whole and part.


Water is the source of life that moistens all things. She is crystal clear, colorful, she is like a childs world, clean, free. In the shape of water, we extract curvilinear elements of water throughout the whole, creating a visual artistic beauty, creating a dreamy water in the eyes of children.


The various forms and colors of water are integrated into the design, and the elements are consistent throughout. With color as the base, the space adds abstract and interesting decoration as an ornament. Carefully create a dreamy, childlike world of water.


The light shows the resonance of different dimensions through the change of time. Points, lines and planes connect the media from them, introducing the radian of ripples into the indoor sky light and transforming at will in the boundless space.


The gradual structure of color eliminates the visual perception in the public cognition, and the round curve brings the friendly space atmosphere. Here, the multi-dimensional appearance is refreshing, and the saturated color ratio is advanced and full of personality.


Through the refraction of the wall, the soft light belt expands the possibility of the space. The collision between lake blue and terrazzo has the charm and freedom of contemporary art. When the details and stone are staggered and complementary to show the new spatial composition, the process of The Times will be integrated and symbiotic here.

▲平面图/The floor plan



项目名称 | 麓悦江城首开组团麓溪半岛

Project Name | Luyue Jiangcheng Luxi Bandao

项目面积 | 180㎡

Project Area | 180㎡

项目地点 | 重庆·两江新区水土

projects Venue | Chong Qing Liangjiang New District Yuelai

开发商 | 万华投资 – 两江置业

Developer | Wide Horizon Investment Group – Liangjiang Real Estate Co.,Ltd

设计公司 | 上海璞谧环境艺术设计有限公司

Interior Design | Pumi Design Shanghai

主案设计 | 曹釗銘,秦璇,田园

Design Team | Cao Zhaoming, Qin Xuan, Tian Yuan

摄影公司 | 麒文摄影

Photography company | Qiwen Photography


Shanghai Pu Mi Environmental Art Design is a professional design company that provides interior design, landscape design, space furnishings and overall soft assembly decoration services for luxury hotels, hot spring tourism, real estate sales centers and model houses. We focus on the way of life of human nature, using design as the medium to discover meaningful relationships and values among people, space, society and environment, and to create new possibilities is our work, and the resulting space is our design.