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Without the action of light, the building would lose its life.

— Louis Kahn

捕捉流动的光影和时间 Capture the flow of light and time 时间的变化赋予空间不同的表情,光影与空间的关系表达的微妙,演绎了一场人与湖之间的对话。 The change of time endows the space with different expressions. The subtle expression of the relationship between light and shadow and space interprets a dialogue between people and the lake. 空间自由 共生自然 仪式感 Space free symbiosis natural ritual sense 时间对于常人不过是手表上的指针变动。但是对于商务的男士却有着不同寻常的意义。我们想构筑一个与外界互不打扰的场所,舒缓了城市的外部压力,让男士们的战场能真正获得“心灵自由”的唯一时刻。在心理上暗示情景转化的缓冲带,也是成功男士能真正欣赏和完整自己的私人时刻。 Time to ordinary people is but the movement of the hands on a watch. But it has an unusual meaning for business men. We want to build a place that is not disturbed by the outside world, which relieves the external pressure of the city, and allows the mens battlefield to be truly the only mind free moment. Its a buffer zone that psychologically hints at situational change, and its also a private moment when successful men can truly appreciate and complete themselves.

Water and fire reverie


Life is the centralized unity of the material world. No matter how many contradictions exist in the material world, they are all harmonious and symbiotic in life. We are trying to express the process of energy formation and release in organic matter, mixing water and fire.


In the crisscross of light and shadow, deduce a meeting with time. The picture formed by light and shadow in the space, feel the void and reality in the light and shadow. As a medium connecting reality and illusion, light perfectly surrounds the reflected image and real light and shadow in the space, exchanging the real and the real, creating an infinite dimension of art, which is enough for visitors to enjoy themselves.


Through a water feature into the sports area, by the sun bathing, gentle waves. During the breaks, follow the rhythm of time, follow your own rhythm, and relax yourself.


The smooth facades and interlaced reflections of the building are reflected on the corrugated ceiling, reflecting a romantic color. The real objects and fleeting mirror images interweave with each other, and the vision leaps between different dimensions.


The change of light and shadow on the time line is related to the change of scenery. A large number of natural lake landscape elements are introduced in the design, so that the indoor and outdoor scenes are echoed, while the overall space is clean and bright, and people feel comfortable.


In the dimension of time, water is no longer water, light is no longer light, everything is more like a search. The quiet, eternal and nihility of time of water, air, light and shadow is combined with the pure and rich beauty of space and objects constituted by design, the combination of the virtual and real objects and the combination of the curved and straight shapes. Such a hazy picture often makes people fall into infinite reverie.


Silver wave reflection, eternal time, to explore the quiet space and the generation of eternity. The curved porch Outlines a beautiful sunset scene. The elegance, light, shadow and art of the space are integrated into one. With the carrier of time, you can wander in the city and lake.


Imagine yourself as a ship, sailing in the city in the lake, the heart of the moon boundary distance from the very end of the world. Think about the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Focusing on the artistic integration of space, deducing a new avant-garde space experience.


In order to create a space for enjoyment and relaxation, the design focuses on opening up the view, where people can freely swim and look out over the open water.

夕阳将落 此时空间一半金黄 一半碧

The sun will set at this time the space half golden and half blue


Widen the vision and the space gathering in a space communication, is a wonderful art scene, the distant city into the space, over time, the adornment line into a picture of a dynamic, near sunset in receive a visitor area is still warm, soft outfit will be to the end, and ceremonies are mixed with water overflow light texture mapping is far or near combining, bricks, movement and added a few minutes for the space flexible, freedom, and tender. Think of yourself as a boat swimming in a kaleidoscopic city lake.

Gathering and drinking together – place cohesion


When a drop of dignity dissolved twittering, taste in sublimation rendering, the blueprint of the future home emerged in laughter. Art is a carrier, people and time, thinking and creation, new art, interwoven in the gap space, to explore people and nature; In the measurable spatial form, immeasurable perception and imagination can be aroused between people and things.


Water is on one side, but the space is a sea of blue water, which is as green as jade, clean and transparent. The yacht is dressed in the sea of blue water, and the art of nature and human is sublimated, interwoven and coexist here, deducing a new space experience.

夕阳已落 天光云影仍在徘徊

The sun has set and the clouds are still lingering


The design uses the change of time to endow the space with different expressions, deduce a dialogue between people and the lake, and make people have infinite reverie on the space scene.


The private banquet area — the sky and clouds are printed on the wall, the water and green plants are printed on the ground, the combination of man and nature and the re-innovation of man and nature are not coincidences. It is a design. The designer cleverly uses the endless changes of light and shadow and weather with the passage of time to create the diversity and randomness of space, which gives people a variety of scenes.


A private dinner filled with wine, a feast, a sharing, sharing the possibilities of life. Glassware is dazzling under the light of the setting sun. The city impression is incorporated into the ware, and the scenery is different. It is the product of light and shadow, the innovation of man and nature, the combination of thought and material, and the collision, interweaving and innovation of nature and man, thus aroking the infinite perception and interpretation of space.

Inverted truth


Reality and nothingness are interwoven in the mirror image, shuttling between the visible and the invisible, seeing the scales and waves on the lake surface rising with the wind accompanied by the leaping sun, reflecting on the bottom of the lake, sparkling.

品茗区碧绿色波光粼粼却无言的湖水,打破了简洁洁白的空间,渲染出斑驳而透彻既视感,带来一丝跳脱和韵律感,在空间中抢夺眼球 。男士们归来独处的宁静场所,品茗区。

The green sparkling but silent lake water in the tea tasting area breaks the simple and white space, rendering a mottled and thorough visual sense, bringing a sense of jump and rhythm, snatching the eye in the space. Men return to a quiet place to be alone, a tea tasting area.

男士们的战场 场所的焦点

The focal point of the mens battlefield


This project builds a place that is not disturbed by the outside world, relieves the external pressure of the city, and allows the mens battlefield to truly gain the freedom of mind. Its a buffer zone that psychologically hints at situational change, and its also a private moment when successful men can truly appreciate and complete themselves.


Project Name: Suzhou No. 1 Der Yard Office Display Sample


Project Address: Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

开 发 商 :融创地产

Developer: Sunac Property

Hard design: GBD design

Soft decoration design: GBD design

Project photography: Zheng Yan


广州杜文彪装饰设计有限公司(简称GBD),创立于2013年。公司专注为各界高端客户提供高品质的室内设计服务,包括酒店、餐饮、会所、综合住宅、商业空间等。服务范围以室内设计为核心,延伸至项目前期规划到后期软装配饰的一站式配套服务等。 GBD以构建一个具有超前意识的专业设计策划服务平台为目标,从设计策划、空创造、软装配饰、艺术装置、家具及精品的研发制作以及工程把控等环节,为地产商业综合体、酒店、总部办公、品牌连锁等企业提供相关的整体服务。我们拥有一批优。秀的团队及专业技术,保持着前瞻性与创新,始终迈踞国际前沿,与时俱进,引领行业

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