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Design architectural drawing light records the life, is the medium of warm space. Everything, because the light refracts countless wonderful.

Static soak in it, even in the middle of winter, there is a sense of spring. To create a building where light and shadow dance together,

Explore the interplay between light and human life. Show the inner beauty of the space, quietly,

Bring physical and mental peace and contentment. Light and shadow, soft curves,

Allow free growth between the outside and the inside. The light and the light come together

本案设计旨在以简约、质朴的形式与取材, 大面积上使用白色、米色为主色

调,以黑、绿、原木或金属来点缀空间。白色,是温暖的、包容的,是低调的、内敛的,是不张扬的默默接受一切、充满无限可能的颜色,是 让光与影、空与实达到融合的最佳媒介。

The design of this case is aimed at simple, plain form and materials, large areas of white, beige is the main color

Tune, with black, green, log or metal to adorn the space. White is warm, inclusive, low-key and introverted. It is a color that quietly accepts everything and is full of infinite possibilities. It is the best medium for the integration of light and shadow, space and reality.


When the white meets the light, the light is the morning at the end of summer, like a warm color oil painting; This light, again across the shade of the mottled trees, the mountains stacked wrong, swaying between the joy of jumping.

室内部分,设计师刻意保留了 空间上的留白,让投射进来的自然光,有了更多展示自我的空间,将它捕捉, 与装饰光相呼应,融为一体,又有层次感,建筑便多了几分灵魂。

In the interior part, the designer deliberately reserved the blank space, so that the projected natural light has more space to show itself. By capturing it, it echoes with the decorative light and is integrated into an organic whole, with a sense of hierarchy, the building has a bit more soul.

家具与器物的选择上, 用弧度取代棱角, 光与影相互映衬,气氛都变得纯粹起来,置身于此的人,卸去繁杂和忙乱带来的紧张、僵硬,回归自然的松弛与舒展。

On the choice of furniture and implement, replace edges and corners with radian, light and shadow set off each other, atmosphere becomes pure rise, place oneself at the person here, discharge goes the tension that miscellaneous and busy bring, stiff, the flabby that returns to nature and stretch.


The same processing effect, with soothing warm green, neutralized white, beige pure. In this way, there is a delicate balance between the scales, allowing the decoration and the building itself to achieve each other.

茶柜高低不一错落有致。 疏落有致的空间里, 力求做到每个支点、 弧度, 都能恰到好处的与光影的魅力交织交融,带来的不仅是视觉上的经典、耐看,还可勾勒出一个纯粹的感受,不为世俗所累,不为生活所扰,简单而自在。

The tea cabinet is different in height and strewn at random. In the scattered space, strive to achieve each fulcrum, radian, can be just right and the charm of light and shadow interwoven, bring not only the visual classic, durable look, but also can outline a pure feeling, not for the secular tired, not disturbed by life, simple and comfortable.

为了让光在空间里自由随意流转,设计师 重点选择质朴、自然的木材家具,整体白色、米色色调里,偶有的绿植和黑色的木桌给予点缀,仿佛感受到森林里的暖意,青草的芳香,鸟儿细碎的低鸣,几乎是每个都市人向往大自然的内心独白。舒坦、妥切,就是来自这看似无意,实则深思熟虑的讲究与用心。

In order to let the light in the space free will, designers choose mainly plain, natural wood furniture, in the whole white, cream-colored color, even some green plants and black wooden desk to give an ornament, as if to feel the warmth in the forests, the scent of green grass, the birds and finely low hum, almost every city people yearning nature of inner monologue. Comfortable, properly cut, is from this seemingly unintentional, in fact, careful attention and attentiveness.

Enjoy your life with your eyes open


Less is more, such a minimalist concept has long been permeated in architecture, structural aesthetics, home and even the philosophy of life.

设计师保持了 空间的通透和轻盈, 简约到极致,才能容万物,才会让光、让想象没有了限制。

The designer kept the space transparent and lightsome, contracted to the extreme, to allow all things, just can let light, let imagination without restrictions.

那些摆设、那些器物,在这个放慢了时间的空间里,安静的吐纳呼吸。 远离都市的浮华与喧嚣,惬意与灵感在此不期而遇。

Those furnishings, those implements, in this slowed down the time of the space, quiet breathing. Far from the city of vanity and noise, comfortable and inspiration in this accidently.

设计选择草灰绿颜色的沙发,搭配淡绿、芥末绿的器物, 依据深浅变化形成层次, 同时与窗外的湖光山色进行呼应,置身室内,与自然为邻、花草为伴。

The sofa with the color of grass gray green is selected in the design, and the utensils with light green and mustard green are matched to form layers according to the change of depth. At the same time, it echoes the scenery of lakes and mountains outside the window, and places itself indoors, with nature as its neighbor and flowers as its companion.


Every sunny day, there are the fragrance of vegetation, birds singing, overlooking the mountains layer upon layer, clouds and mist curl, everyone has a forest in the heart, in this wonderful time, is worthy of collection of warm memories.

茶室的设计上, 糅合了诗韵禅意,“今人不见古时月,今月曾经照古人”,以白天的日光,还有夜间的月光, 还原写意东方的宁静与悠远,于纷扰红尘中带来清凉与慰藉。

The design of the teahouse is a blend of poetic and Zen meaning, people do not see the ancient moon, but this month once according to the ancient people. The daylight in the daytime and the moonlight at night restore the tranquility and distance of the freehand Oriental, bringing coolness and comfort in the chaos of the world of mortals.

Its a pleasure to forget the machine

如同开篇所述,白色是温暖的、包容的、低调的、纯粹的,设计师 以白色为主基调,尤其在卧室的设计上,更是大面积运用白色、灰白、米色、原木色等。

As described in the beginning, white is warm, inclusive, low-key and pure. The designer gives priority to white, especially in the design of the bedroom, and uses white, gray, beige, log color and so on in a large area.

和外立面的白色不同,卧室里因为有了柔软织物的存在,以及柔和的灯光, 强调了空灵、 安静、 虚实相生的效果。在心境与视觉上,助主人安心休息不被外物所打扰。

Different from the white of the facade, the existence of soft fabrics and soft lighting in the bedroom emphasize the effect of ethereal, quiet and virtual reality. Mentally and visually, help the owner to rest at ease and not be disturbed by external objects.

有人喜欢 繁花似锦的热烈,有人喜欢 清茶幽竹的素净,喜好没有对错,只有在不同的环境里,通过设计的营造,来表达怎样的心境。

Some people like the warm flowers like brocade, some people like the plain and clean of green tea deep and remote bamboo, be fond of without right or wrong, only in different environment, build through the design, to express what kind of state of mind.

本案是位于度假区的休闲别墅,设计上 运用极简设计,在满足功能主义的基础上,注重光与环境的共生与融合,在克制与取舍、尊重与礼让之下,遇见光、遇见温暖、遇见美好,遇见无限可能。

This case is a leisure villa located in the resort, the design of the use of minimalist design, on the basis of meeting the functionalism, pay attention to the symbiosis and integration of light and environment, under restraint and trade-off, respect and comity, meet light, meet warmth, meet beauty, meet infinite possibilities.

项目名称 | 别墅私宅

The project name | villa homes

主创设计师 | 冷晨辉

Senior designer chenhui | cold

设计公司 | 上海茧界设计有限公司

Design | Shanghai cocoon industry co., LTD

软装设计 | 上海茧界设计

Soft outfit design | Shanghai cocoon industry design

参与设计 | 彭礼根、贾亭亭、高丽娟、刘晓龙、毕玉翔、戴小建

Participate in design | Peng Ligen, jia flared, Korea yun, xiao-long liu, BiYuXiang, tracey




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