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Time Footprint

Searching for the footprints of light in time

Pursue warmth and beauty

Old objects show the beauty of time

Even if the appearance is mottled or faded

Cant stop the beauty of the original


The pendant hangs down on the brown sofa. The tone looks like sculpture, which is retro and in line with modern aesthetics. The outline of the decorative wall mirror is oval, the surface is slightly colored, and the appearance is warmer than shiny silver. The lamp on the low shelf increases the comfortable atmosphere, and a small side table with black luster is placed in the middle of the white modern chair. The coffee table stands firmly in the middle of the room, and the modern fireplace twinkles at the end of the long dining table. Fashionable floor lamp, there is a beautiful modern concrete on the dining table. The wooden support column seems to penetrate the concrete slab, the modern dining chair is arranged along both sides, and the classic wooden example is at the front of the table.


The concrete flowerpot is topped by wooden flower racks in the corner, and modern wall lamps are installed by arched mirrors. The mirror glass contacts the tile floor, which makes people have a visual illusion. The kitchen has a unique minimalist aesthetic, with a row of shallow cabinets floating on the ground and overlapping with full height windows. Kitchen shelves are embedded in walls for pottery and tableware, while Vintage bed stands are in the main bedroom. The black swing arm wall lamp provides reading lighting for pillows. The cushioned chair is sitting in front of the modern bookcase, and the bookcase is designed with popular slats.


The Double Sink Bathroom dresser is made up of the same board panel as the minimalist kitchen cabinet, and the gold wall mounted faucet is filled with black containers. The pleasant pebble shape defines the vanity mirror, which floats in the delicate watercolor theme fish background. Privacy curtains pull through the toilet and the inside corner of the bathtub, and the same style wooden chair in the bathroom has been used as a wash stand at the dining table.


Cool and curvaceous, the black floor lamp lights up the circular cream bench. The footstool that matches with it is horizontal in the room edge, edge of ripple of white marble tea table appears distinctive. The wooden stool can be used as a bench, and the retro style wooden sideboard can sneak into the back of the sofa. A black light adorns the surface, a white marble fireplace and a marble coffee table surround the matches, and an organic dining table sits between the lounge and the cafeteria. The kitchen wooden table is paired with five modern black dining chairs, and the table is decorated with white marble vases. The amazing wooden floor gives the room a classic atmosphere.


Art sculpture decorated marble buffet table, white blue kitchen design a large number of marble. The glass wall looks out into the living room, and the window on the other side of the kitchen looks directly into the bathroom of the adjacent room. Perforated rose gold handles form a spacious dressing room. Decorative cabinets and green cushioned benches divide the space into two parts. Behind the luxurious bathtub and colored glass shower, there is a tree mural. Unique dual sink dresser across the opposite wall with black and gold finishes to match the bathtub and bathtub faucet.


The rib double door leads to the dresser room, and the oval bedroom chandelier is hung on both sides of the main bed. The blue headboard is connected to the same color wall strip. Gray linen wallpaper covers half of the upper on the wall, and the wood finish of modern home desk forms a beautiful soft contrast with pink blue. The blue rib door leads to the powder barrel room, and the unique bathroom sink has the same corrugated edge as the coffee table in the lounge.


Excellent choice of colors, materials and furniture, all well combined with modern and comfortable settings. There is a round dining table and an after dinner chair on the menu. In the living room area, the textiles are very prominent, and the clay curtains bring a very warm feeling to the space there.


The overall gray color, simple modern lines, elegant and pure color create a quiet, simple space atmosphere, furniture for the interior into the artistic atmosphere and low luxury temperament. The overall color is gray and white. The geometric figure of the art hanging picture is perfectly integrated with the space tone, and the interesting modeling is combined with the off white tone and soft velvet to further enhance the elegant artistic atmosphere of the space.