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Natural growth in the cracks. China. Huludao DeLinTang industrial building design practice



The past 2020 has experienced too much tempering, and the time has passed since the last time published for three years. Remember to plan to make a footprint on Gude every year to encourage retention. When the time flies, the tail of 2020 did not catch up. The pen has been written in 2021. There have been too many changes in three years, and the outbreak of the new coronary virus has caused a huge impact on the economy. Looking at the new landmarks are being refreshed, architectural skills are constantly emerging, Foreign design companies have obtained Chinese design rights,Their project is huge and grandiose. As grassroots architects, we can only work hard and cherish the local buildings in front of us, and treat every project as a work until it become a finished product. No matter the scale is large or small, regardless of the conditions given by the economy, the balance between meeting the needs of the owners, economy and design concepts is achieved through skills and a win-win situation. This is our unchanging original intention and the responsibility of the architect. I think all projects have their own different answers, but how do we guide the solution. Architecture is a category that requires a comprehensive balance of psychology, economics, business, skills, and aesthetics. The direction of the final plan and the complex environment in which it is located form a natural growth state. At this time, I think of the local architecture of the Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi.His architecture spanning different types of socio-economic classes and touching all aspects of people’s lives. It reflects the deep respect for the oriental cultural traditions, and focuses on improving the living conditions and quality of life in India. It is both functional and poetic. Stay away from vanity and never follow trends blindly. He has a keen insight into the context of the building, integrating social, natural environment, and economic dimensions, so his architecture fully implements the principle of sustainability.Pay Tribute to the master. We have experienced the golden age of real estate and faced with the current new economic environment, should we steadily start from the needs of the grassroots society and use the balance of architectural skills and economy to achieve a win-win situation?It is a direction worthy of our thinking under the current trend of low-carbon and efficient economy.

多西的建筑构成空间 Doshis architecture constitutes space


That is, after the Inner Mongolia Sliced Layer Rock project, I still share the report with everyone from the small-scale local economical building, and I also hope that I will be improved.


This case is located in a county-level city under Huludao, Liaoning Province,on the coast of western Liaoning, with abundant landscape tourism resources, and the current situation of the base is very tense. The south direction is an existing high-rise building, and the north and east directions are adjacent to the villa area and only has an opening on the west side.

卫星图Satellite image


After analyzing the construction land, we need to solve the following problems at the same time.


1.Between our building and the high-rise building on the south side, a fire fighting climbing site is needed Evacuation of the fire fighting site in the south high-rise backyard.


2.The distance between the fire protection and sunshine of the villa on the west and north side of the building in this case.


3.The owner proposes that the usable area is maximized, the space is square, and light is needed.


Since the conditions are restricted and harsh. Then lets let it grow naturally through restriction. First, we cut the base through limited conditions, then naturally preserved the base volume that can be built, and finally made a natural stacking growth of space on the volume. We know through sunshine calculation that the acceptable range of light is the north end and east side of the top. Therefore, we dug two patios in the roof area, one is closed and the other is open.Solve the problem of vertical lighting and ventilation, so the project volume is formed naturally.


We chose the cube block of the box as the generation language to meet the owners square space requirements and facilitate cutting.

Spatial growth



Comparison between the plan mockup and the completed photos

东南透视Southeast Perspective


As the high-rise buildings on the south side of the project are too constrained, we reduced the facing windows to make the wall solid, and placed large-area windows on the east side of the lighting surface


We start with respect for the function of the plane, and create a natural appearance from the function of the interior space. There is no extra decoration in the appearance. The proportional window and vent components are our natural decoration from the inside. Achieve good balance and balance in economy and design texture. The wall adopts white self-cleaning paint, because most of the south direction is contained in the shadow, we dont want to cause secondary depression on the surroundings. At the entrance, we made a concave cantilever, which is hidden from the building block, and there is a sense of sight that coexists with weight and drift, trying to transparently extend the visual experience of people nearby and dilute the cramped sense of environmental space. The west cantilever is an introduction to the west entrance and also considers the buffering and parking of vehicles.


Diffusion changes formed by light in the sculpture volume over time

晴天sunny day 黄昏late afternoon 阴天cloudy day


The south entrance is recessed to form an underground lighting window well, the ground on the first floor is raised, and the east basement forms a high side window to absorb sunlight


Interior treatment; everything is prepared at the beginning of the architectural structure design. As long as the space is integrated, the interior design has been formed. From the elevator on the first floor to the third floor, passing through the passage between the outer courtyard and the pond, the delicate white ceiling and exposed concrete beams, the 80 retro sense of pond mosaics, thin and heavy, are intertwined with the past.

穿越池塘内景Through the pond

室外庭院Outdoor courtyard


Going through the pond and bamboo island to the main hall, the long strips in the space echo the ceiling vertically, and form a vertical view with the half-exposed sculpture wall at the end. Form a visual local sensory conjecture

正厅 Main hall

Outdoor atrium view main hall

Indoor main hall view outdoor atrium


Came to the daylighting inner courtyard, it suddenly became clear, and it formed a strong contrast with the horizontal pressure of the hall. The light from the vertical atrium naturally shot down slowly from the sculpture wall, and the wall was thick and floating.

A corner of the tea room in the side hall of the sculpture wall

Sculpture wall detail texture

Details of the atrium starting staircase


The atrium looks back at the main halls first depress then open


Folding board stairs through the scenery wall, U-shaped glass and light refraction

Change of light and shadow of scenery wall and skylight

Looking back at the corner of the scenery wall in the atrium

Panorama of the inner atrium


With the gradual annealing of the golden age of real estate, the sudden spread of the global epidemic, the world economy is full of challenges, and the land of China is full of flamboyant and extravagant construction. The development and status of the motherland are fast and unshakable. The economic environment and challenges, the national poverty alleviation battle has just won. In the face of the epidemic, there are still employment, industry reshuffle, and weak areas and people that need support. As the current designers, we need to continue to win the eyeball to realize our design. The ideal is to use design skills to create value, and rationally return a proper and appropriate application building to the owners and the society. The balance between economy and art is a topic that designers need to face at the moment, and I am also on it.

剖面Building section

剖面Building section

平面轴测3D axonometric drawing

传统施工现场Traditional construction site

DJ 建筑设计事务所由一线个大设计院设计骨干组成,前身为综合甲级建筑设计院旗下工作室,我们继承设计院的技术实力摆脱陈旧的设计管理模式,做一些高质量的落地适应经济型原创作品是我们的目标,用设计智慧创造项目质量及价值的溢盈是我们需要为甲方考虑的责任,重视设计的价值力量。我们乐于为业主解决设计方面的问题,接受在有限的条件下努力呈现相对理想的方案。低碳,归本是我们一次次与业主达成的实践共识。我们近几年的落地原创也经常会出镜在个大传媒,渴望与同业老师互相交流学习,尽管有很多不足与遗憾,但是我们坚持努力无悔。先后我们的作品:(内蒙切片层岩)入选《中国建筑设计年鉴》。(建筑中的建筑)入选《中国室内设计年鉴》。(万科魅力小学)入选建筑学院、专筑等。(内蒙切片层岩)入选gooood、architect daily、IKUKU、有方等设计传媒。

DJ architects atelier is composed of design backbones of major first-line design institutes. It was formerly a studio of a comprehensive Class A architectural design institute. We inherited the technical strength of the design institute to get rid of the outdated design management mode, and do some high-quality landing to adapt to the economical Original works are our goal. Using design wisdom to create project quality and value overflow is our responsibility to consider for Party A. We feel that this is the value of design. The initial owners are usually our good partners. We are happy to solve the problems in the early stage, rather than choosing to avoid being picky.Low-carbon, returning to nature is the practical consensus reached with the owners time and time again. In recent years, our original creations have often appeared in big media, and we are eager to communicate and learn from teachers in the same industry. Although there are many shortcomings and regrets, we insist on working hard without regrets. Successively our works: (Inner Mongolia sliced layered rock) was selected into China Architecture Design Yearbook. (Architecture in Architecture) was selected into China Interior Design Yearbook. (Vanke Charm Elementary School) was selected by IKUKU, IARCH. (Inner Mongolia sliced layered rock) was selected into design media such as gooood, architect daily, and position .